Retired to Flex

Harger’s Insight Corps is an understanding.

We understand recently and long-time retired professionals alike, whether retired from
business, manufacturing, as a designer, a manager of people, or as part of an executive or
production leadership team, are the deepest talent pool.


Retirees: More than technical know-how, yours is the nuanced understanding of the real worlds of manufacturing and business. This is the deeper knowledge our community seeks and works to perpetuate across practices, facilities, and customer and project partner relationships.

Professionals like you are at the root of this effort. May we engage you? Can we?


Consider your ability to impact facility and organization-wide processes. Your insights can be fundamental to Harger Core culture.

Consider your impact on other professionals as they discover and develop the processes and products that lead our manufacture of critical infrastructure for generations.

swimming pool
retirees returning to work

Combine this with a flexibility that maintains the quality of life you’ve established. Contribute fully to a community welcoming of your expertise and insights.

The research tells us your motivations are about more than a paycheck. Whatever your reasons, consider Harger.

Consider the impact you’ll make, the flexibility you’ll have, and compensation that fully rewards your know-how and the nuance of your experience.

The opportunity: Stewardship.