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Harger drives growth from within.

Growth manifests in two ways. Self-advocated is one.

Growth’s second manifestation focuses on those exceptional people who don’t often raise their hands or even their voices. These same people do elevate successful outcomes. At our very best, Harger Core is a “radar,” identifying these professionals and mapping their growth.

Incentive compensation, and continuing education prepare this community to meet emerging needs.


Harger strives to produce the best lightning protection and grounding solutions possible in a manner that honors God.

Tripling opportunities to impact lives through disruptive innovation.

Shared conduct and compassion.



We do what’s right especially when no one is watching.


Value creativity.


Pursue maximum potential. Redefine goals, and expectations.


We strive to create an environment that helps people reach their full potential.


Ours is the intense desire to successfully execute these core values.


Your successful outcomes will be the linchpin that secures every good thing that follows.